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Maggie Roswell and Hal Rayle have taught numerous classes and seminars coast to coast in voiceover for Animation / Commercial / Promo as well as for corporate sponsors. Maggie and Hal believe in giving back to the performing community. For that reason they try and make room in their already busy schedules to accommodate a few seminars or classes a year. Since this is not their primary source of income, Roswell and Rayle have to tag team (having one or the other teach) or they creatively sculpt their schedule around an already confirmed seminar. Classes are held for 1 week (2 hours a day) or a weekend blitz that gives you the soup to nuts of voiceover in eight hours. Class size varies but the classes can be divided up (as they did at Denver Center Theater) into large groups for one or both of the instructors to work with students on different areas. Another option is for them to teach as a unit (as they did at UCLA in Los Angeles) instructing on voice over as well as the Business of Show Business.

Roswell and Rayle prepared a directing class for Starz/Encore that worked through the ins and outs of remote directing by means of blind ISDN connection or Phone patch.

As an extension of these seminars Maggie has given private and semiprivate classes involving the stage and on-camera side of Show Business. Each area has it’s own specific rules for levels and intensity of acting. Maggie just completed a seminar of 300 drama students at the Denver Convention Center who traveled from across the country for Thespians International.

Maggie spent ten years studying Comedy & Improvisation with the Broadway/Television legend Harvey Lembeck in Hollywood . The Lembeck Improvisation Workshop was the boiler room of comedy legends. Maggie had the opportunity to improvise with Robin Williams, John Ritter, Joey Bishop, Phil Foster, John Larouquette and many other luminaries. After leaving Harvey 's, Maggie became a protégé of the Mother of Improvisation Viola Spolin. It was there that she worked with Dan Castellenetta who she would later work with on The Simpsons. Maggie worked on Broadway with Paul Sills and a company of many people made up of The Compass Theater and Second City Chicago. Maggie loves being a side coach and guiding actors into the free zone of Improvisation.

For contact regarding future workshops please e-mail Maggie and put Workshop in the subject title and you will be put on our e-mail list.

If you have a group or are interested in hiring Roswell and Rayle for lectures please call the studio at (303) 694-4467. Maggie is also available for a limited amount of private classes, you may contact her at her e-mail address at maggie@audiornr.com

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Studio: (303) 694-4467

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